Russian-Backed Separatist Shows Off Questionable Homemade Counter-Drone Jamming Gun

Footage that purportedly depicts a Russian-backed separatist exhibiting a homemade counter-drone ‘jamming gun’ has emerged online. The video of the reveal comes amid a significant uptick in the utilization of lower-end drones amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

War Gonzo, a Russian YouTube and Telegram channel allegedly run by Semyon Pegov, a former journalist for the Russian TV channel LifeNews, posted the video. The gun, which War Gonzo dubbed as the Donbas “Kulibins” in the description of the video, is said to have already jammed and captured an unspecified number of Ukrainian drones.

Neither that assertion nor the operational success of the Kulibins has been verified, and War Gonzo’s pro-Kremlin narrative should be taken with a grain of salt. At the end of the footage, viewers are presented with what appears to be one of the Ukrainian drones that the creators behind the video claim to have captured.

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Source: The Drive